unpack demo

Drag and drop files into this window, and using the text entry below, write a template to unpack the data into.

For example, drop a gif with the following template:



Start unpack string with < for little endian

a string with arbitrary binary data, will be null padded.

A text (ASCII) string, will be space padded.

b bit string (ascending bit order inside each byte).

c int8 (char / byte)

C uint8

s int16 (short)

S uint16

i int32 (int)

I uint32

l int64 (long)

L uint64

n uint16 in "network" (big-endian) order.

N uint32 in "network" (big-endian) order.

f float32 (single-precision float)

d float64 (double-precision float)

x null byte (a.k.a ASCII NUL, "\000", chr(0))